“Packrafts inspire adventurers to reimagine backcountry travel. In reimagining it, every person has the possibility of experiencing the freedom, solitude, and joy of accessing remote landscapes.”
–Sarah Tingey, Director of Outreach and Operations





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The packraft are made for minimizing weight and maximizing fun. Read more about our series here:

The Original Packraft Series

The Classic is our iconic original packraft and the staple of our lineup for 19 years—the packraft to own if you just own one. 

The series

Are you going to use your boat for fishing, transportation, speed and excitement or just for fun? Choose the series that suits you the best.


Change what you thought was possible in a packraft with this series, each proudly Made to Order in Mancos, Colorado


Meet our multi person packrafts.  Multi person packrafts are a great way to get out on the water with a friend.


The Ultralight Series is all about the essentials. Everything is carefully thought out to give you only what you need for your adventure.

Alpackaraft - the original packraft brand

All packrafts sold here at Packrafting.com is of the brand Alpackaraft

Alpackarafts are handmade in the USA. The Alpackaraft brand is the original packraft brand and the company is often referred to as the inventor of commercial packrafts (NOTE: be aware of unsafe/low quality china copies) . Being more than 20 years in production, every boat is hand crafted and carefully inspected and tested prior to shipment.

Alapackaraft takes the safety of the users of the packrafts very seriously. Best illustrated with when you put your life in the hands of the craftsmanship and product quality when packrafting several kilometers from shore, often in ice cold water. You simply cannot compromise on quality when buying a packraft!

The boats are made from the highest quality fine grade nylon 66 with the most durable polyurethane coating. The material construction is optimized for use in packrafts in terms of weight and durability. Alpackarafts has the industry highest strength to weight ratios and the highest strength to volume rations.

The founder of Packrafting.com, bought the first Alpackaraft in 2005 and it is still in use and has never had a leak or been repaired,  several years and hundreds of trips of heavy use in both rocky rivers, salt water and lakes.

We can with confidence say that Alpackaraft is the Rolls-Royce of packrafts.

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No compromises

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a fabric by its denier and coating. The yarn and weave of the material combined with the chemistry and application of the polyurethane (PU) laminates are critical to the performance packraft fabric.

Our fabrics have the highest tear strength, PU adhesion, UV protection, and long term durability in the industry. We have been making packrafts almost two decades and many of our original models are still going strong – and still ultralight.

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